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Video VBOX Pro | 10 or 20 Hz

Video VBOX Pro combines a powerful GPS data logger with a high quality multi-camera video recorder and real-time graphics engine.

Taking up to four waterproof cameras and combining them with a customisable graphical overlay, Video VBOX Pro streams video onto a flash card or USB stick as a DVD quality MPEG-4 file.

A choice of either 10Hz or 20Hz GPS engines provides parameters such as track position, lap timing, speed (accurate to ±0.1km/h) and acceleration. The optional 32-channel CAN interface retrieves vehicle data such as throttle angle, RPM, and brake pressure.

The rugged portability and functionality of Video VBOX Pro means that it's ideal for development and verification of Advanced Driver Assistance systems.

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nyc subway

VBOX HD | 10 Hz Video Data Logger

VBOX HD seamlessly integrates with other VBOX products, enabling you to capture distortion free video synchronized with almost any kind of data.

The superfast, 720p Global shutter CMOS sensor eliminates distortion caused by vibration or fast paced action, whilst its tiny size camera it extremely it versatile and easy to mount.

To see how effectively a global shutter eliminates the normal distortion, see this video:

The VBOX HD has the ability to overlay captured CAN data onto the video using our simple to use post processing facility. The resulting video conveys a lot of useful information in a blend of video and data, which is very useful for visualizing complex ADAS test data.

VBOX HD can capture up to 32 CAN channels, and the video can be easily combined with the measurements from a 100Hz VBOX 3i. If multiple cameras are important to you, please take a look at Video VBOX Pro.

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