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VBOX Tools Software

The VBOX Tools software is a Windows based analysis package that comes with all data logging enabled VBOXs. VBOX Tools has been designed so it is easy to setup and use, yet very flexible allowing many custom styles of test to be performed, as well as providing templates of common test setups.

The software can be used in post-processing mode or real-time mode. In real-time mode, the VBOX is connected to a PC running VBOX Tools, and graphs, gauges, numeric displays and test results can be viewed in real-time.

In post-processing mode, a '.vbo' file can be taken from a compact flash card and loaded into the software, allowing the user to graph, analyse and replay the data.


  • Easy VBOX and module configuration
  • Works live and post-processing
  • Create and load circuit maps
  • Video integration with Video VBOX
  • Customisable graphs
  • Maths channel facility
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    VBOX File Processor Software

    VBOX File Processor is a software utility which has been designed to manipulate VBOX data files after they have been recorded.

    It allows the user to rename existing channels within the VBOX file, to apply filters and to generate new channels via Maths and ADAS feature plugins - all within an intuitive and easily understood framework.

    The software can then output a standard VBOX Tools compatible VBO file, Excel CSV, or Google Earth format.

    One of the most powerful aspects to the new programme is the ability to batch process a number of files at once - greatly reducing post-processing workloads.

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    VBOX Brake Test Software

    VBOX Brake Test Software is a standalone application specifically designed for Racelogic customers who are performing high dynamic brake stop tests using a VBOX 100Hz data loggers and speed sensors.

    The software is able to process both live serial data and recorded VBO files in order to generate results from either brake trigger or deceleration tests. This allows customers to perform multiple brake stop tests and view the results in a visually clear manner.

    The Brake Test Software is more configurable, clearer and visual than the brake stop test results in VBOX Tools Report Generator.


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    VBOX Aquaplane Software

    The Racelogic Aquaplaning Software measures exactly where aquaplaning starts to occur and the percentage wheel slip during the test when used in conjunction with one or more wheel speed sensors.

    The software has been designed to be simple to operate, whilst still offering maximum flexibility to the user.

    At the click of a mouse or push of a button, the user is able to set the start line, start of bath and end line. A further click starts the wheel speed calibration process, which is completed and stored automatically simply by driving between the start and end lines.

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    VBOX Coastdown Software

    The Racelogic Coastdown Test Software is designed to perform tests in accordance with EU directive 70/220/EEC – annex III, measuring the effects of wind and road resistance, based upon the time taken for a vehicle to coast from one speed to another, with the engine in neutral gear.

    A major problem associated with this testing is the requirement for a very long, flat test track, to allow sufficient time for the vehicle to coast from 125kmh to 5kmh (for example – range is user definable).

    The Racelogic Coastdown Software allows you to break the testing down into multiple user definable segments whilst using the full range of results for the test. This eliminates the need for an excessively long test track.

    The software takes the test data and performs statistical analysis in real-time, as defined in the directive, to provide instantaneous indication of when the required statistical accuracy has been met.

    The Coastdown Software is designed for use with VBOX III or VBOX 3i, particularly when used in conjunction with an IMU.

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    VBOX Lane Change Software

    Racelogic's Lane Change Test Software is designed to easily and accurately carry out the ISO 3888-2 'Moose (or Elk) Avoidance Test using a VBOX 3i data logger and IMU.

    The software allows you to set the start and finish points of the test, and will record each test manoeuvre. One button configuration allows you to configure the VBOX 3i and IMU for the test.

    In the main screenshot, below, you can see that five runs of increasing speed are displayed. Speed on entrance and speed on exit, along with percentage difference and time, are recorded to establish the validity of each test.

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    VBOX Centreline Deviation Software

    The Racelogic Centreline Deviation is a standalone application specifically designed for Racelogic customers who are performing centreline deviation tests using a 100Hz VBOX data logger or speed sensor.

    The software allows you to verify a vehicle's ability to track in a straight line under the influence of external conditions such as side winds, suspension geometry errors, deviation under brake test, and deviation during lane change test.

    In order to establish the vehicle heading to base the deviation calculation on data is sampled in the short time before the centreline deviation test. This means that the test engineer can drive in any direction across the test pad, as long as the vehicle is kept in a straight line before letting go of the steering wheel.

    This is useful for different proving ground layouts, and means that tests can take place in a variety of locations. To maintain accuracy, any runs in which the heading before the start of the test was not within the user defined tolerances during the averaging period are highlighted.