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VBOX LCD Multifunction Display

The VBOX Multifunction Display (RLVBDSP03) is designed to show a large number of different variables and performance results on a clear backlit LCD display.

The display is supplied with a heavy duty rubber suction cup which screws into the back of the display via a standard camera tripod style fixing.

The VBOX Multifunction Display is ideal when you need to monitor one or more parameters live in the vehicle. The MFD allows simultaneous display of up to four VBOX data parameters.

In addition, the display has a target screen which shows a bar graph of any parameter, alongside a configurable target. This is very useful for maintaining a steady brake pedal pressure or deceleration rate during a brake stop.

The Multifunction Display can be setup from the display itself, or via the Windows VBOX Tools software.

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The OLED Display is the perfect partner to VBOX logging systems. Suitable even in bright conditions, the display provides sharp graphics and is simple to use. It can show a wide range of parameters, including live and max speed, lap times, and predictive lap timing.

The OLED display can start and stop logging in conjunction with some VBOX models, and also report logging status. It is available in either a waterproof anodised blue aluminium case, or a splash proof plastic and aluminium case. Different connections are available (Fischer, Lemo, Mini Din, Hirose) depending on the unit it is to be used with.

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VBOX Manager | Config Display

The Racelogic VBOX Manager is a versatile control unit that has been designed to provide in depth control of the VBOX 3i Dual Antenna setup, VBOX 3i ADAS functions and IMU integration.

The VBOX Manager can also be used to compliment VBOX 3i, VBOX III, and VBOX IISX GPS data logging systems by providing an easy to use graphical interface for control of logging functions.

Housed in a compact enclosure, the VBOX Manager is equipped with a clear graphical LCD display and rotary, push-button controller.

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VBOX Q4 Tablet

The VBOX Q4 Tablet PC consists of a fully operational tablet PC and data cables for connection to other VBOX products, resulting in a compact live logging or post-processing package which does not compromise on functionality.

Pre-installed with VBOX Tools software and supplied with all the cables and accessories required to connect to VBOX units, the Q4 Tablet PC is ideal for applications which require immediate PC access without having to use a full sized laptop.

The Q4 has built-in Bluetooth, which makes it particularly well suited for use with a VBOX 3i or any other VBOX utilising the VBOX Bluetooth Module.

This configuration removes the need for any hard-wired connection between the VBOX and the display, meaning that the VBOX can be stored away during testing, with the Q4 used for real-time data monitoring.

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VBOX Speed & Route Profiler

VBOX Speed & Route Profiler is a modified OLED display designed to display simple and accurate instructions to a test driver without the need for training or written instructions.

Common applications include fuel economy testing, durability testing, tyre testing, and real world verification.

In conjunction with a VBOX data logger such as VBOX Micro, VBOX IISX or VBOX 3i, the Speed & Route Profiler enables drivers to follow a set route and/or a set speed profile which conform to set speed requirements for accurate vehicle testing.