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Easy and cost-effective: wireless and standardized measurement of whole-body vibration!

Evec was designed to facilitate the measurement and evaluation of whole-body vibration. Evec offers advanced technology which can be learned easily and quickly, even by untrained users. The seat sensor, including its integrated memory, is just placed on the driver's seat without having to be mounted mechanically and without needing any disturbing cables. The sensor is activated and the measurement thus started with just a few operator steps. The necessary software is installed on a PDA or a notebook with Bluetooth interface.

You need just a few settings and your evec system is ready for use. The data recorded is also read from the seat sensor through Bluetooth. There are no annoying cables which might be damaged during the measurement. The driver does NOT have to do ANYTHING. The evec system automatically registers when the driver gets up and, complying with EN 14253, cuts off the peaks when the driver sits down too energetically.

This allows precise measurements of the load to which the driver is exposed through the effect of vibrations. Special data preparation is not necessary. Conforming to EU Directive 2002/44/EC, the Evec software calculates the A(8) value of the daily exposure, no matter whether the measurement covered the full span of eight hours or whether evaluation is based on a shorter time period.

Wireless measurement
Wireless Bluetooth communication between whole-body dosemeter EVEC and laptop or PDA (phone)

Standardized measurement
Any measurement series may be subject to undesired effects which falsify the calculated day load, for example, if the driver gets up and sits down frequently. The intelligent triaxial sensor excludes all of these undesired effects from calculation. The evec system takes such exceptional loads as well as breaks into account and, conforming to EN 14253, automatically eliminates such peaks and breaks from calculation of the total load. This excludes any manipulation of the measurement on the driver's part.