Software NoiseImage - Acquisition, evaluation, and storage of data acoustic images and films

The acoustic camera is a lightweight, modular and very flexible system used to locate and analyze sound sources. The vivid, accurate and fast visualization of sound can contribute to a reduction of development times by exactly locating noise sources and indicating possible quality issues.

The fields of application are as varied as the world of sound, including applications in acoustic labs, at open-air test sites and in the tough everyday industrial use.

• For all Intel-compatible computers under Windows 98 or higher
• Integrated interface to data recorder
• Channel data editor with extensive features
• Acoustic images and films (dB(C), dB(A))
• Images with spectral evaluation
• Parameters for filters can be freely defined, spectral function, spectrograms
• Location-selective analysis and scanning of images
• Scrolling images for objects in motion

The base configuration consists of a microphone array, a data-recording device, a notebook computer and the "NoiseImage" software.

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