New solution approaches for noise reduction, sound optimization and fault visualization

The Acoustic Camera is an innovative device allowing to locate sound sources easily, to analyze them according to various criteria and to document them.

The large number of successful applications and the sales figures impressively underline the capability, reliability and precision of the new technology.


Acoustic picture of a Liebherr excavator.

Land Rover, Defender at 15 km/h on a pass by track. It can be observed that the engine noise is mainly reaching the listener's ear as a reflection from underneath the car.


Here you can see the music playing only at the left rear speaker of a Mercedes B-Class. We explicitly thank the following companies for their trust and the successful cooperation during the development and launch of this product: • Porsche AG
• Daimler Chrysler
• Bosch-Siemens Household appliances
• Volkswagen AG
• Rucker AG
• Liebherr AG
• Deutz AG


Video Examples
This section contains several videos to illustrate the capability as well as the simplicity of the Acoustic Camera system usage. Also you can see a video of a complete Acoustic Camera system set up from unpacking the cases to the first image.


Case Studies

Case Study: Room and Building Acoustics
Shows the Acoustic Camera in use to localize sound emissions in rooms and buildings


Past Projects
Prove the wide range of applications of the Acoustic Camera